Massive GoldenEye / Petya ransomware attack is currently unfolding worldwide.

Dear Customer,

Companies are being warned about the new global cyberattack on the rise, called Petye Ransomware. The international company MAERSK has already been affected as reported by Fin24.

This massive ransomware attack is triggered by a version of the GoldenEye or Petya ransomware that is currently claiming victims across the world. Unlike other families of ransomware, GoldenEye does not encrypt individual files, but rather the entire hard disk drive. It then reboots it to prevent the user from accessing that information. When the encryption process is complete, GoldenEye forcefully crashes the computer and asks for $300 as ransom.

Initial investigation reveals that it spreads automatically from one computer to another using multiple vulnerabilities in the operating system, including the EternalBlue exploit that grabbed the headlines during the #WannaCry attack.

Please ensure you have the latest Microsoft & Anti-virus updates on your computers.

Any concerns, please contact us to assist.